Ivanhoe Garden, Landscape Design & Construction

Ivanhoe Garden Landscape Design

Designed specifically to provide a textured interest to the modern architectural style, PATH created a combination of delights for the senses in this garden. Accent foliage is used to soften the front steel and rendered fence, as well as a subtle welcome gesture. The maple trees provide fresh greens in spring/summer but vivid reds in autumn. Other than layering the ground with their dark handsome glossy leaves, the star jasmines in the understory planting give visitors a scented invitation in spring.

Ivanhoe Garden Landscape Design
The front garden has two rustic highlights – a bowl water feature and a recycled wharf timber bench, adding character to the contemporary design. Laser cut Colten steel screen featuring bamboo break up the planting bed of glossy dark green of the Magnolia with an artistic visual focus, which light up beautifully when the sun sets.
Ivanhoe Garden Landscape Design
The sandstone paving leads the visitor to the backyard, where a sparkling on-ground pool awaits. Vertical batten screen dresses the rear fence while providing a contrast to the swimming pool that is partitioned by transparent acrylic glass. A natural limestone walling product, ‘Coolum’ is used to complete the elevated garden bed and swimming pool retaining walls with earthy tones.
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Finishing off with the perfect dusky harmony of man-made structures, light and nature's ethereal mathematics.