Landscape Design

With an emphasis on good communication between client, architect and PATH, PATH’s role is to deliver a strong team effort to achieve the best outcome. After a clear, accurate brief is established, a concept is created by PATH, in line with the expectations of the client.

Client Briefing

Initial meeting takes place with client and/or architect to establish the brief and develop an understanding of the client’s space and style. An open discussion on every aspect of the project will address and outline specific challenges, different perspectives and design preferences.

Concept Design

Schematic designs and sectional elevations are presented, depicting the spaces to be created. These drawings include elements such as water features, swimming pools, decking, shade structures, furniture and all plantings. Comments from client and/or architect are considered before further review and refinement of the design.

Design Development

Preparation of refined design incorporating detailed plans and sectional elevations, construction methods, material selections, full landscape specification, planting schedule and lighting plan is presented to client and/or architect for final approval.

Contract Documentation

Document preparation occurs including working drawings for construction and specifications for consultant’s work. Applications are submitted to specific bodies including Council Departments, Town Planning and Building Surveyors.
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